How To Install IonCube Loader

Fresh tutorial about how to install Ioncube loader to linux servers

How To Install IonCube Loader

How To Install IonCube Loader

Do you try to install some PHP code , which is encoded with ionCube !

or do you develop some fancy PHP scripts and you need to keep them closed source to sell them anywhere ! .

but how user can run your code , here comes ionCube loader role .


Install ionCube Loader

Looking around i found some tutorials out there but most of them are obsolete or lake for some steps .

So i wrote this one , just keep on to install ionCube loader to your own server

  1. Go to /var/www folder or where you can put script to be accessed by your browser .
  2. Download ionCube loader , this link is for 32 bit version
    and this one for 64 bit version
  3.  Extract this file 
    xvfz ioncube_loaders_lin_x86.tar.gz
  4. Now download ionCube loader wizard to help you choose proper version to your system
  5. Extract this file to ionCube folder from previous step
  6. Now visit this file with your browser
    install ion cube
  7. Choose local install as in picture above then hit next
    install ioncube
  8. As mentioned in picture above it show you perfect extension that fit your system so copy this file to php modules folder
    To find your extension folder run this command
    php -i | grep extension_dir
    Then copy the recommended file to this folder from ionCube folder
  9. last step add this line to your php.ini file
    zend_extension = /usr/lib/php5/20090626+lfs/
    Sure you need to change path for you module from 
    previous step , also you can found this line from ioncube wizard php script
  10. Now restart apache and try reloading wizzard page , you will find ioncube installed
  11. Finally delete ioncube folder from www folder

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